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So what's so bad about the audio portal?

2014-02-19 00:24:00 by BiZZaRoTomFulp

That people are bouncing over it?


I like the audio portal and was going to upload some of my music. 

Can someone who submits there tell me what these guys are ranting about?


Also, butt basket.


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2014-02-19 00:53:52

There's nothing wrong with the audio portal, it's just that the audience visiting is considerably smaller than it was 4-5 years ago. So people decide to go elsewhere.


2014-02-19 15:51:35

i guess they just want more attention in other places?

what really gets to me is that they make these posts FRONT-PAGE posts. new artists dont want to come to places old artists are leaving, and to all the fans of the musicians who are leaving, they get notifications of their news posts. people who don't follow the musician probably dont care.


2014-02-19 16:17:21

They're just whining they aren't popular success stories. The Audio Portal is great and always will be.


2014-02-20 16:44:43

Yeah the front page posts infuriate me, because the sites they are leaving NG for will NEVER let them post on their front page and I hope some day they regret shitting all over that privilege.


2014-02-20 23:53:06

So Tom, is that the only incentive for staying, because NG allows for front page news posts? Well fuck, anybody and their fucking dog can make a front page post, doesn't mean anyone is gonna read it or actually gives a fuck. I've made many a front page news post over the years, and which one gets the most attention? The one that says I'm leaving. Of all the posts I've made, trying to promote myself, all together didn't get as much attention as my last one. Yeah, while I've got 3 year old videos on YouTube still getting views and comments, even a song I posted here 3 years ago has gotten more views in the last 2 months on YouTube than its entire time on NG. I see new channels starting up like mine that aren't getting the subscribers I'm getting, so I must be entertaining someone enough for them to subscribe. Here, not so much. Then to come here one last time to see the damage I've done, and people are getting pissy about it? Makes me glad now, because no one fucking cares to begin with, aside from a handful of friends and long-time followers.
11 years on this site, 111 songs, yeah and I'm just whining? I had more popularity 7 years ago, so what does that mean? People were either telling me bullshit and I really don't have talent, or there's just no interest for metal musicians anymore. You be the judge.
Hi morcov, I'll be sure to jump in that fire on my way to Gaytube, as you call it. Fuck, I even got a link on my YouTube page directing people here, so really what is the big fucking deal? People are whining just as much because people are tired of posting here.


2015-06-10 09:58:53

Just no

You don't have to be skilled to do this. As another guy before me said, I think it's up to the actual NG team to make a movie like this. You didn't even animate the clips yourself. sorry, lame. It feels like you're trying to steal the honor from the guys you're trying to tribute. Plus you've only signed up this year.