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Happy Clock Day!

2010-08-15 00:04:45 by BiZZaRoTomFulp

To all my friends in the CC.. Pop-Tart, Golden, Lotus... everybody.

You guys represent a legacy begun 9 years ago that has inspired artists (like this one) to make movies for fun and not profit. You are what Newgrounds should be but isn't anymore.

Long live the king!!

Happy Clock Day!


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2010-08-15 00:08:21



2010-08-15 00:08:47

All hail!


2010-08-15 00:11:01

Happy Clock Day to you too. :)


2010-08-15 00:24:21

Blam points galore, thanks.

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

Were your parents related before getting married?


2010-08-15 00:26:30

Hail the almighty Strawberry Clock! Oh, and ohbom, don't you mean save points? Because not a single submission is gonna be blammed today... Anyway, I'm gonna submit my movie in the afternoon, when there are the most people online. :3


2010-08-15 00:36:43

rofl that guy up there thinks you get blam points on clock day

more like protect points


2010-08-15 00:56:34

FFFFFUUUUUU I didn't know they had a Pop-Tart. I wanted to be the Pop-Tart Clock!


2010-08-15 01:15:18

Sorry dude. There can be only one Tart that is Pop. And that is me mutherfucker.

Happy Clock Day, Joe. Luv ya.


2010-08-15 01:16:08

i should be happy of check shit ?


2010-08-15 02:46:35

LOL, how many time has this account been inactive?


2010-08-15 06:49:03

Happy Clock Day, BTF. :)


2010-08-15 06:57:37

Happy Clock Day! :O


2010-08-15 07:29:09

I must say you have a point. If it wasn't for them, some artists wouldn't have made flashes to entertain us.


2010-08-15 08:34:46

I'm all for freedom of expression, but there was a good reason why the creator of strawberry clock left XP


2010-08-15 11:03:35

Don't act like you know why SBC left. He left fot the exact reason BTF said. Because NG has changed into hipster, can I get a deal with Spike TV, overproduced, bullshit.

He still talks to us... dumbass.


2010-08-22 23:24:08

You don't have to be skilled to do this. As another guy before me said, I think it's up to the actual NG team to make a movie like this. You didn't even animate the clips yourself. sorry, lame. It feels like you're trying to steal the honor from the guys you're trying to tribute. Plus you've only signed up this year.