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The review mods can kiss my blue @$$

2010-03-20 20:47:24 by BiZZaRoTomFulp

Just sayin'

The review mods can kiss my blue @$$


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2010-03-20 20:50:49

Moderators are fucking dicks.


2010-03-20 20:52:03

if you cant see it ill poin it out for you. Even in a "Jokenly way" You still mentioned to blam it *Against rules and makeing fun of the author (the calling him a dick is what that falls under)

Still i dont think it should of been deleted. This site cant even alow sarcasm to pass i guese.


2010-03-20 20:52:38

you called the author a dick and made "blam" comments. That's against the review guidelines
the-site/terms-of-use/review-guidelin es

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

I said he acted like a dick towards me, which he knows he did. Not the same thing as calling him a dick.

Can't even make a joke about blamming something? I said I didn't blam it.. I watched it and gave it props.

You're ridiculous.

Norm: But you said bomb.
Greg Focker: I said, "It's not like I have a bomb".
Norm: You said "Bomb" on an airplane.
Greg Focker: What's wrong with saying 'Bomb' on an airplane?
Norm: You can't say 'Bomb' on an airplane!
Greg Focker: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. You gonna arrest me? Bomb bomb bomb bomb! During the war I was a BOMBadier!


2010-03-20 20:53:02

Your not allowed to say stuff like "blam this" or "Blam that" in a review or else they'll delete it.


2010-03-20 21:02:50

Haha, you don't need to read it all, if one part is against the ToS the whole review is Flagable, and you know how people like the Flag point for they wistles.


2010-03-20 21:16:53

The fuck? how does that break the rules in any way shape or form?!

'i went in with low expectations, i'm not a fan of the artist

i watched it

it was great. well animated, funny and clever. I voted 5.'


2010-03-20 21:17:09

Fuck em, Bizz Tizzle.

Apparently there's a rule against using humor and trying to make amends between another artist you had a squabble with.

Hey Malarchy (no, this ain't no typo)... go thru and delete all the abusive reviews HE'S received as long as you're on a censorship spree.


2010-03-20 21:25:25

The level of bullshit in this regard is absurd. What's more, I've never heard of anyone keeping track of what review mods are deleting at all, and frankly I've seen that abused since the inception of review mods.


2010-03-20 21:32:48

Jesus there on my tail from California to Maine. It's complete bullshit for blamming the reviews. WHy can't the author remove them? NOT MODS


2010-03-20 21:44:46

Don't even bother thinking about it. You aren't even allowed to review 0 on popular authors movies. That's what I've heard review mods say. They can delete your review if they think the score is unfair. I am not making that up.


2010-03-20 21:52:55

this is all my fault!

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

Yeah it is! LOL


2010-03-20 23:15:03

well its not always mods that delete reviews, when a review is flagged enough it is eventually removed much like a flash submission. when its flagged. Maybe people didnt agree with your review?


2010-03-20 23:38:31

your mom wears snowpants in bed omg omg hilarious

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

My mother died when Krapton imploded.


2010-03-21 00:22:26



2010-03-21 00:40:04

Moderators review loves the hard and big cocks. All are a jews. Example. The down of tigerkitty

The moderator tigerkitty gave the following reason for the ban:

"Gimmick account - "


2010-03-21 01:08:39

i feel you pain, man. i wrote this beatifully poetic wonderful review of a movie , and i spent a wghole tonne of time making my review as beatriful and poetic as possible, but then it was deleted as if it were merely some sort os spam. it is horrible what these review mods do with their review mod powers. the sytem is corrupt.


2010-03-21 01:52:50

What the fuck is a "Oney"?!


2010-03-21 02:27:12

Clearly one less than a twofer


2010-03-21 02:30:16

that sucks


2010-03-21 03:26:14

Honestly, I think it is completely unacceptable that any review can be reviewed. This site allows virtually any sort of grotesquery as ART, but you can't type anything remotely offensive? Watch Objectionable Apparatus series, after the second one, I refused to view the author anymore. My choice, no biggie. But how can this site front page that author and yet remove your review? Seriously? I've seen reviews that were literally FAG GDFAADDAGGG FAGGOT stay on the board for submissions. Whatever, sometimes... just sometimes, this site pisses me off pretty bad.


2010-03-21 03:38:22

I'm with you! For a while there every second review I left was deleted, because they weren't long and detailed. For fucks sake, I just want to leave a few words of support for clips that I like, I don't have all day to write reviews like some film critic... jeez.


2010-03-21 05:16:08

Was this actually a moderator or a server-side filter? It doesn't seem like anything that a human would find inappropriate.

Or maybe it's personal and some mod just doesn't like you.


2010-03-21 05:56:41

Look, when you're a fat lonely hopeless nerd, you tend to become a newgrounds moderator or a 4chan poster. That's your only way to show the world you exist. Their policy is almost close to nazism :D


2010-03-21 08:18:16

Yeah thats retarted. Maybe they thought you were being sarcastic? Don't know how though.


2010-03-21 08:44:00

That is pretty fucking stupid


2010-03-21 09:25:51

Oh yeah you cant say bomb an an airplane. You wotn get arested you will probably just cause a panic and make the pilot jump out because pilots of wooses


2010-03-21 09:32:08

Auto ban bots: they are humans.


2010-03-21 09:39:45

its kind of a weird review, but I wouldnt av deleted it.
only delete a review if its like- totally just being dick


2010-03-21 11:14:57

Thing is, Oney was cool with it. He seemed to see the humor and appreciated the compliments. I gave it a nine and added it to my faves. If the artist responds to the review with gratitude.. who the FUCK are these people to delete it?

Humor in flash = good. Humor in review of said flash = bad.


2010-03-21 13:02:15

Hmmm.... if using the word DICK didn't work... perhaps try implying he is a complete VAGINA instead next time!


2010-03-21 13:48:12

Stupid Oney


2010-03-21 15:15:50

ill stab your mother with a rusty screwdriver


2010-03-21 16:26:28

Here's the most promising reason in my head, the review system flagging is a system. Someone on the NG staff doesn't go through every post a bot does and if a bot detects pre-programmed phrases or such it will auto flag it. Look where you ended your sentence, "I wanted to blam this.". "You were a complete dick towards me once. Oh, how I was going to blam this without watching it." The bot has no sarcasm at all. It doesnt know. The reason this was flagged I think was because of your lack to get around M-Bot's programming xD


2010-03-21 16:35:14

Reviews are not deleted by bots. They are deleted by stupid humans that see the word "blam" and automatically delete the review without reading it.


2010-03-21 20:17:00

Tell me about it, I posted on a game where you can make levels,my level and it got deleted. Also half my reviews were deleted for little to no reason.


2010-03-21 21:38:16

lol that shit is retarded lol. You should post that in the review thread and get an apology or something. That's the most you might get, if the mods are doing their job wrong, no body cares and they don';t lose their job, even though they should. I got banned once for something that was completely misread by a "mod" and the most i got from him was a half assed sorry saying that i technically could have been nicer in the review and that to just right the ban out -_- Sometimes i really hate the internet and how tough and rude people like to be over it.


2010-05-09 10:32:34

So you have this voting option that says "Blam this piece of crap" but you have to act like a gentleman when leaving a comment. Priceless.